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Brand Introduction
Since its establishment, Elephant has focused on mobile ecommerce for the taste of love.
Elephant is a brand that designs intimate products for men and women even all adults. It invites well-known female designers, artists, and medical experts from all over the world to participate in product research
and develop the products. It has a wide range of products for users to choose what they want including vibrators and lubricants,detergents, sex props and private care products etc.

Elephant brand products serve more than 30 female users around the world with their design, craftsmanship, materials and taste.

Brand Concept

Female beauty is the supreme treasure in the world and needs to be matched with luxury pampering and deep love. Women’s passion is also vague and difficult to pick up. Elephant is well aware of women’s physical and mental needs, and uses a special female perspective to create heart-stopping gorgeous beauty, aiming to bring women the most emotional and sexual physical and mental pleasure.

Elephant integrates aesthetics and technology and transforms it into a series of products with excellent quality and gorgeous style to help the girls improve the physical and mental harmony and health between women or lovers.

Product and technology

Material: Dow Corning silicone, SOFTEK technology coating, in line with FDA, Rohs, CE and other European and American certification standards.

Technology: The product can be controlled via Bluetooth and mobile phone link. Users download and install the APP developed by the product to realize mobile phone control, adjust vibration patterns, vibrate with the rhythm of music, touch the screen to adjust the intensity and more.

Quality: Silent design ≤40 decibels, the charging port is equipped with a waterproof ring, which meets the daily waterproof requirements.

Who we are?

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